Sailing on the Chiemsee

It was late October, 1992. Business was slow and winter was looming. Guenther was telling us how nice it would be on the Chiemsee this time of year. He had a sailing license. It wasn't long before we had our plans lined up. Guenther, Juergen and Ed all worked for Heinz. He let us all take a day of vacation on the same day. Who was covering for who? It didn't matter! We worked for a high-tech company, and this was going to be a high-tech fun event! Heinz brought his Mobile C-Net telephone, Ed brought his laptop and an acoustic coupler. Our answering machine politely referred our callers to the mobile phone number. If we played this right, nobody would figure out that we were having a sailing party!

Getting up early the morning of this outing wasn't difficult at all! And by the looks of it the sun was definitely going to be shining in a blue sky. When we arrived on the dock there wasn't a breeze at all. Oh well! If all else failed this Bavarian craft did have a motor.

Lined up on the dock from left to right, our sailing crew: Ed, Guenther, Juergen, and Heinz.

The Crew
With Guenther (Amateur Radio callsign 'DB4AW'), our brave captain at the helm we navigated out of the dock area onto the Chiemsee. What was that we felt on our faces as the boat neared the open waters? Wind! Yes, it was picking up quite nicely. Before we knew it we had enough to cruise along at 6 knots.

We each took turns at the rudder and managed to navigate all the way around the island. To ensure our customers were all happy we downloaded cc:mail at 300 baud with the accoustic coupler via the Mobile phone. They never guessed from whence our replies came.

This was supposed to be a party, and a party it was! In October the Chiemsee is a bit on the chilly side. What greater fun could you imagine than leeping from the front of the boat moving along at about 6 knots? If you time it just right your head will pop out of the water just as the sailboat scoots by you. Better grab that line though…

Ed Braaten

Ed takes a flying leap…

Guenther & Ed As any good sailor knows the end of a cruise is accompanied by some honest work. Swab those decks! We had some financial incentive also. That deposit wasn't going to be returned unless we passed inspection with flying colors…

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